Last week, I was able to get into the new ABC in Verdun. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into what’s in store in the 50,000 SQM complex. I was astonished to see it was basically complete, despite remembering seeing construction works when I passed by few months ago. What was immediately clear to me was how massive it was, definitely one of the biggest in Lebanon and right in the heart of Verdun.

The interior still needs some work and finishing touches, and they’re expecting to open by the second half of this year, just a few months from now. Now, when it comes to the details, I took a photo of the map and model of ABC Verdun that’s on display in ABC Ashrafieh. I’ve also asked the ABC team for more info on the ABC Verdun mall.

ABC spans over 50,000 SQM, with 6 floors for shopping, 10,000 SQM ABC Department Store, 3,700 SQM state of the art movie theaters with an adjacent 2,300 SQM entertainment section and best of all, 1,800 SQM of green spaces.

– 4 different car access points
– 3 different pedestrian entrances
– 1,700 parking spots
– approximately 2,200 new job opportunities

To try and help you imagine how it’ll look and feel like when complete, I’ve done some comparative shots which include the plans and map, as well as photos I took during my sneak peek last week. My favorite part is the in the middle, where it’s all green and looks pretty cool. Check them out below:

I’m still not sure about which brand and outlet stores will be opening there, nor which cinema company or whether or not there’s brand new shops and venues opening there. I will keep you posted the minute I do!