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Durex #DontFakeit World Cup Inspired Commercial

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I think we’ve all had it with playacting in football games. It’s becoming more frequent with every tournament and is spoiling the sport. FIFA should seriously consider reviewing these acts after the game and sanctioning the players involved.

On another note, the best commercial that I’ve seen on how “soft” football players have become is the one below.


World Cup Crisis Resolved: A Happy Ending For Most Lebanese

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foot The Comfu team

Not all Lebanese were happy to hear the news today simply because a lot had already paid a subscription fee or got the whole cable setup installed just for the world cup.

I know that it is unfair, but the majority of Lebanese have an illegal cable subscription and a lot of them can’t afford paying the 100$ a month plus the installation fees and all to watch the world cup. The government is to be blamed here of course for not doing the necessary to secure a proper deal prior to the World Cup, but the harm is done and at least all Lebanese will get to watch the games now.


Both pics via Chi7as

Michael Schumacher Is Out Of His Coma!

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Schumacher is my hero and I am so glad to hear this news! I know it’s still a long way before he fully recovers but that’s awesome news and I couldn’t be happier :D

Here’s what Schumacher’s management said:

“Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore.

“His family would like to explicitly thank all his treating doctors, nurses and therapists in Grenoble as well as the first aiders at the place of the accident, who did an excellent job in those first months.

“The family also wishes to thank all the people who have sent Michael all the many good wishes to Michael. We are sure it helped him.

“For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye.”

Interior Minister Machnouk Did The Right Thing By Postponing Game 5 Between Riyadi and Sagesse

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mashnouk Neshan wasn’t very happy with Machnouk’s decision

Game 5 between Riyadi and Sagesse was about to kick off yesterday when officials received an order from the Interior ministry to postpone the game due to security reasons. While I find it weird that both teams weren’t informed ahead of time of such a decision, I think Machnouk took the right call by banning fans and holding the games an on a neutral ground, which will be Emile Lahoud’s stadium in Mar Roukoz.

A lot of people started hating on Machnouk yesterday and blaming him for ruining basketball in Lebanon, but I disagree and strongly believe that a lot of Basketball fans in Lebanon don’t deserve to attend any of the games and have been doing more harm to the sport than anyone else, and that we should all be punished for their mistakes because we’ve contributed to them directly or indirectly. As far as the federation is concerned, they should take a more pragmatic approach next year and implement the necessary measures to prevent what happened this year. Basketball fans, players and management should understand that violating any rule is a very serious offense that will be severely punished.

Having said that, Game 5 will take place tonight at 9:30pm, to be followed by Game 6 and 7 on Tuesday and Wednesday (if needed).

Lebanese Ministers Trying To Resolve World Cup Broadcasting Rights In Lebanon

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cable via Chi7as

Telecom Minister Boutros Harb, as well as the Finance minister and Sports minister are apparently working on resolving the World Cup broadcasting rights in Lebanon with Sama, the sole agent responsible for broadcasting the tournament. Minister Harb said he should be making a pleasant announcement in the upcoming hours.

Let’s hope it works out. I will keep you posted if I have any updates on that matter.

Lebanese Cyclist Toni Khoury Dies In Kuwait Accident

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Lebanese Cyclist Toni Khoury was killed in Kuwait when a taxi hit him as he was cycling a couple of days ago. Toni is originally from Amchit but has been living in Kuwait for the past 16 years, and is a member of the Kuwait Cycling team. He was married and had two children.

May he rest in peace.

Back in September 2013, Former Arab triathlon and Lebanese champion Roy Nasr was killed in Dubai after being hit by a drunk driver. Roy had co-founded Tri Dubai and was training for Ironman South Africa which took place in April 2014.

PS: I read the news in Al-Rai newspaper.

Lebanese Flag Spotted At The Brazil World Cup Opening Ceremony

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leb via Mayssa

There’s another picture circulating with the same guy holding the Amal party flag. I don’t know if it’s a photoshopped one but I will stick to that one. Speaking of the ceremony, I didn’t like it much to be honest and the first game that followed was a huge disappointment, as Brazil sucked and the referee was the uncontested man of the match, specially with that outrageous penalty he gave to Brazil.

How To Watch The FIFA World Cup 2014 In Lebanon?

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The World Cup kicks off today and the Lebanese are still unsure whether they will be able to watch it for free on TeleLiban or not. Like I said yesterday, the way Lebanese officials are dealing with this matter is quite shameful and humiliating. We shouldn’t be begging anyone to watch the World Cup, nor waiting for Qatar’s Prime Minister or BeIN’s chairman to make up their mind and decide whether the Lebanese can watch the World Cup for free or not.

Having said that, and since most of the Lebanese have illegal cable subscriptions, chances are the cable guy will charge you an extra amount and get either BeIN channels or some foreign channels that are broadcasting it for free. There’s a list of free channels (TF1, Rai Sport, Canal+ Sport etc ..) that is being circulated that you can see below, but chances are these will be blocked on the receivers by the local providers. Here’s the full list of TVs broadcasting the World Cup as provided by the FIFA.

In case you have a decent internet connection, there are TVs that will be broadcasting the first two rounds for free on their website and mobile apps, like Spanish Univision and French TF1.

There’s also a website I use to livestream almost any sports event that is called I never tried it during a World Cup but I am sure they will be showing games.

If you are still not sure what time the games are, go to FIFA’s website and click the “Change to local time” for the games you are interested in. It will show you the game schedule based on Beirut local time.