Orphaned 3-Year Old Haidar Visited Real Madrid And Met Cristiano Ronaldo

via DailyStar Here's a small update on the #CristianoMeetHaidar story. Haidar did end up visiting Real Madrid and meeting Real's president and his hero Cristiano Ronaldo. I know this visit won't bring his family back nor will it make his life any easier in the future, but it brought a smile to his face and probably cheered him up a bit. Haidar survived the latest Beirut bombings in Burj el Brajneh but unfortunately lost both…

Watch This Epic Dive From The Top Of Raouche Rock (Pigeon Rock)

This video was shared yesterday on NostalgiaLB and shows an incredible dive by a war amputee called Oliver Ghorayyeb back in 1994 from the top of Raouche Rock. It's definitely not the world's highest cliff dive but it's quite impressive especially that he's diving with his head first and from the highest point. I've seen other dives but from lower points.

#CristianoMeetHaidar: Orphaned 3-Year Old Will Watch El Classico And Meet Ronaldo

10 months ago
I’m sure you’ve all heard about Haidar, the three-year old boy who survived the recent Beirut bombings but unfortunately lost both his parents. Most of the local TVs rushed to interview the poor kid while ...

Lebanon Is Officially Going To The 2017 Rugby League World Cup!

10 months ago
The Lebanese Rugby League National Team defeated South Africa for the second time yesterday (50-12) and has officially qualified to the 2017 Rugby League World Cup which will be held in Australia, New Zealand and ...

Lebanon Is One Game Away From Reaching The 2017 Rugby League World Cup!

10 months ago
We’re almost there! Our Lebanese Rugby Team beat South Africa 40-12 in Game 1 and now needs to secure a second win against South Africa on Saturday October 31st to qualify to the World Cup! ...

Foreign Players To Replace Lebanese Basketball Players By 2017

11 months ago
Lebanese players next year – via SportsCode (By Mohammad Noureddine) In an attempt to take basketball in Lebanon to the next level, the Lebanese Basketball teams and the Federation have met and agreed on a ...

The Lebanese Basketball Federation Head Should Not Resign, He Should Be Fired!

11 months ago
A year go, I wrote a post against allowing 3 foreign players instead of two in the Lebanese Basketball teams and I applauded the FLB President Walid Nassar for standing against this decision, hoping that ...

Austrian David Lama First To Climb the Magical Balou3 Balaa In Tannourine

11 months ago
Austrian Sport Climber and Mountaineer David Lama chose Lebanon as the location for his latest adventure and decided to climb Tannourine’s famous sink hole to become the first ever climber to do so. Lama was ...

Discovering Lebanon, The Lebanon We Love, Through The Eyes Of Silvio Chiha

1 year ago
Enough with the garbage talks and the ugly pictures we’ve been seen for over a week now, here’s an breathtaking movie showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese ...

Lebanese Sarah Khalife Wins A Bronze Medal At The 2015 Los Angeles Special Olympics

1 year ago
Sarah Khalife has just won a Bronze Medal in the Aquatics 100M Free Style for Lebanon at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games that are being held in Los Angeles. Sarah is not the only ...