Mobilette 3al lebnene

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What’s with the extra front tyre? I know there are motorcycles with two front wheels, but this looks like he added one in front. Is this thing even driveable?

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  1. Ronman

    this is the Piaggio Mp3, the front two wheel suspension offers the stability of a 3 wheeler at slow speeds and the engaging leaning drive of a regular 2 wheeler when on the go…it’s not glued on there… it’s a neat setup, but it comes with a penalty…weight. they also have a Hybrid version with plug in capability. imagine doing the 25km to work in traffic without burning a drop of fuel… with a full fuel tank and battery you can possibly go on for a month before you have to put in a Tanke…Sanioyura eat your heart out.. everybody should get one, but it costs 14500 bucks…there or thereabouts.

  2. Najib Post author

    The two wheels in front are not the same size on this bike. I saw pictures of the Piaggio Mp3 and the tyres are the same in front, so it can’t be it.


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