Lebanon’s New Driving Law To Be Implemented In 2015

We've been hearing about a new traffic and driving law for quite some time in Lebanon, and it looks like the authorities will start implementing it as of next year. The new law is designed to reduce Lebanon's high rate of traffic accidents and will include the points system for drivers, the establishment of traffic schools, a national council for traffic safety and a special traffic unit of the Internal Security Forces. Every driver will…

Week9: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Here's the story behind the pie - Picture by Tamanna Don't forget to tag #Livelovebeirut for the best Christmas pictures from around Lebanon during this month. You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram . I'm also on Instagram and you can follow me if you like. That view - by Sacha Christmas lights - by Kali Beirut by the one and only RogerMoukarzel

Pick Up Your Christmas Ball At Le Gray Beirut To Help Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

If you happen to pass by Le Gray Hotel next week, go in and check out their Christmas tree in the lobby. They have Christmas balls signed by the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon that you can take in exchange of any donation you wish to give. Once you take the ball and place the donation inside the box, replace it with a plain ball from the wooden basket on the floor. It's a simple…

Lebanese ISF Teaching Girls How To Change A Flat Tire

2 years ago
I love how they chose a girl for the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl changing a flat tire in Lebanon as there’s always some guy volunteering to do it for her. ...

Hiba Tawaji Doesn’t Need To Go To The Voice

2 years ago
Hiba is a very talented singer but I don’t know if it’s good idea to take part in the Voice, specially after what happened with Aline Lahoud and Anthony Touma. The judges are very random ...

Who Wants The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition?

2 years ago
You can still enter the draw to win the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition. Here what you need to do: 1- Follow SonyLebanon on Instagram. 2- Check the questions shown [here] and answer correctly under the ...

Lebanese Consume More Wine Than Beer But Are Not Drinking Enough

2 years ago
According to BBC’s Booz calculator, the average resident of Lebanon drinks a total of about 2.4 liters of pure alcohol a year, making it the 39th lightest-drinking country. The lightest-drinking country in the world is ...