Beirut City Centre mall opening very soon

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Picture via Gino

The 62,000 square meters mall is set to open very soon and we already have pictures of how it will look like from the outside and few leaked pictures by Gino from inside the mall. Beirut City Centre will have the largest Carrefour store in the Middle East (13,000 sqm) and new shops that Mark has leaked few months ago, mainly FatBurger and Shake Shack, in addition to a Marks & Spencer shop, Magic Planet for Children and Vox Cinemas.

Beirut City Centre will be a nice addition to the malls we already have and is at a very strategic location in Beirut. More than $350 million dollars have been invested in the construction of this mall.

According to Sleiman Malla, who’s a senior mall manager for MAF properties, the mall is set to open in March but looking at the pictures, I don’t see that happening to be honest.

Picture via Gino

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Surprise NAJ!!!!!

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Hi Najib!

From the awesome future Mrs. Mitri and your lovely friends, we would like to wish you an amazing 30th birthday, again, and hope you have a lifetime filled with:

1) Blogs and hugs
2) Tweets and sweets
3) Likes and hikes
4) Facebook and Reebok
5) Instagram and Money gram

… and above all, to our famous blogger, may your life be filled with happiness, love, health, success and may you have a “happily ever after” marriage.

Happy Birthday!

The future Mrs. Mitri

Diagnostic Symptoms of Lebanese Mama Syndrome (LMS)

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With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I share this hilarious article from last year by RAGMAG’s Sarah Hourany:

Diagnostic Symptoms of Lebanese Mama Syndrome (LMS)

1. Replacing the son’s first name with the word “Yo2borné”.
2. Obsessive tendency to call Yo2borné every hour to check if he’s eaten and rested.
3. Correlation between her bedtime and Yo2borné’s even if this means going to sleep at 6am (when he gets back home after a wild party), or not sleeping at all.
4. Underestimation of every girl Yo2borné dates, beginning with her looks (even if she looks like Megan Fox) to her level of intelligence (even if she is a PhD candidate or a CEO of a reputable company).
5. Unfounded suspicions that Yo2borné’s wife is not feeding him. (Even if he has developed a big Kerech since he got married)
6. Irrational feeling of anxiety if Yo2borné is 10 minutes late, accompanied by dramatic imaginings of potential accident scenarios.
7. Intense and spontaneous outbursts of weeping in the following situations:
• When Yo2borné catches the flu (even if his 5 sisters are sick as well).
• If Yo2borné travels for a few short days (even if this is the case every month, and has been the case for the past 5 years).
8. Unexplained competitive behavior with his girlfriend or wife in the following fields: cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning.
9. Deep belief that human beings can reproduce themselves without a partner. (This symptom usually manifests after Yo2borné begins having cute children of his own who only have HIS geneschu nsito enno l 2ered bi 3eyn 2emmo ghazel?)
10. Permanent attempts to please Yo2borné and create a perfect world for him, ignoring the rest of the family, and normally associating “Yes” as a chronic answer to all of his demands.

How to report harassing phone calls or text messages in Lebanon?

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Picture taken from Ibnlive

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about girls getting harassed “textually” by unknown men either through WhatsApp or other messaging service. Only last week, 2 friends of mine showed me messages they are getting from these random guys, sometimes accompanied with naked pictures or love songs. One of them even proposed to marry her and sent her his own picture (even though she never answered him back and always ignored his calls).

I know that the best way is to just ignore these people but sometimes it can go on for weeks and the same person could be using several numbers which is why I think there should be an easy way to report such harassment acts and catch the people doing this. It’s not funny when a married woman gets a naked picture of another man on her phone or gets offered money in return for sex from a total stranger. The annoying part is that once that person knows your number, there are many ways he can reach you.

Having said that, and based on what I’ve been told, the legal way to approach a harassment is by either going to the nearest Office of Public Prosecutions and filing a complaint or talking to a lawyer. Another “illegal” way is to have someone call the guy and pretend they are from the ISF Information Branch or Army intelligence Officers but I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, the reason I know about this illegal method is because someone tried to do that with a well-connected relative of mine and ended up getting caught along with the guy he hired. Of course the girl can always call the guy or have her brother or boyfriend or father call him and warn him but that’s not the proper way to deal with it.

Back to the main topic, I think there should be a hotline or website shared by the police and Telecom ministry dedicated to reporting harassing phone calls and texts. That way, people who are getting harassed will avoid the hassle to hire a lawyer or going to the Office of Public Prosecutions for a small yet serious matter.

All they would have to do on the website for example is to submit a form accompanied with screenshots and the people in charge of this website or hotline would double check the information and then block the line or trace it to its owner and arrest him. If they report it via the hotline, the number would get a warning call.

I will submit this request to Minister Sehnaoui since he’s the current Telecom Minister and other concerned parties to see if there’s anything they can do about it.

Here’s a screenshot I got from a friend who got this message from some unknown number. The conversation dragged a bit before she blocked him.

Two Lebanese feared dead in Nigeria

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Picture from the Telegraph

The two Lebanese contractors that got kidnapped almost a month ago in Nigeria are feared dead following admissions from Britain, Italy and Greece that their citizens had likely been killed.

The reports are not confirmed but the names of the two Lebanese are: Imad al-Andari and Carlos Abu Aziz.

Biggest Rosary in the world in Deir el Ahmar

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Works are underway in the area of Deir el Ahmar to build a fence in the shape of a rosary, the biggest illuminated rosary in the world, visible on the ground and from the sky and which ends with a big Cross, the Cross of the Resurrection.

Looking at the pictures, that’s a huge project and a very nice one that will hopefully boost religious tourism to Lebanon.

You can check out this website for more pictures and information. [RosaireDuLiban]



Lebanese Memes reply to my post

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Picture by Ali Shaib

I saw today this post on Lebanese Memes’ Facebook Page as a reply to my earlier post:

Just to be clear at first, I’ve been a fan of your page even before it got so popular and I still think you guys are pulling a great job by attracting so many people (without paid ads). The only reason I posted was because you’re a fun page and the video I saw was a bit too serious.

Speaking of the SMAs, and as I stated in one of the comments, I had considered you but didn’t know where to nominate you. I even thought of asking the people behind SMA to add a category for fun and creative social media pages.

What you said clarified things and I thank you for your honest and professional reply. As far as portraying the bad habits we have in Lebanon, I can’t help but comment on such things from time to time as well and try to make some fun out of it (through memes also) and Patrick did make a valid point.

PS: I would choose you over Nemr Abou Nassar anytime.

Thanks you la 2elak too :P

GoOd MoRninG LebAnOn – thx u Nath Halawani 4 sharing

Don’t you love reading constructive criticism in early morning?

Dear Blog Baladi thx u la elak for what you wrote :) I am only answering you because it is a respectful constructive mature criticism.

– You wrote: “I was even more surprised to learn they are turning the Lebanese Memes Facebook page into some business with a mission”

Lebanese memes is not a business, it is a “just for fun facebook page” which is trying to add value to the society. We are not turning it into anything, this was our mission statement since day 1.

– You also wrote: “No Lebanese would want to spread the ways of life portrayed to foreigners because that’s not something to be proud of.”

Patrick already answered you, Any comedian is technically “spreading the ways of life portrayed” in whatever country they’re living in, good or bad. Would you like to tell this to Nemr Abou Nassar for example? Not to mention that this page is for the fans (a 100% real community – NO FAKE LIKES) and they make most of the memes so we as a Lebanese Memes community, being away from politics and religion are trying to be sarcastic about what is happening in Lebanon and hoping to change things via humor.

-You also wrote: “One last thing, I think they should remove the lame memes, not just the ones who are racist or sexist.”

I would love to remove the memes that i find lame, but i have to respect the people who find it funny :) + the fans spend time in creating a meme and then sharing it on the page. It is their way of spreading their ideas lame or not.

Thx u la elak again for what you wrote and hope that this reply will generate a good flow for your blog :)