Can You Identify This Miserable Man?

I'm very tempted to call that number! via Wajid Here are some funny stories and pictures I collected from the past week. Enjoy :) Al Jadeed mocking LBCI's TV mistake but the joke is on them really. Sex sells :) Is this Walid el Muallem? Via Dana Anaween Areeda making fun of Fadl Shaker I don't know who did this but spot on :) Al Rifai hates traffic too

A Talking Piano At ABC Dbayyeh

An interactive piano set inside ABC Dbayyeh mall was inviting people passing by to play and making fun of those who can't with messages like "Please Stop" or "Practice makes perfect " while praising those who know how to play the piano by saying "Music to my ears" or "Mozart! Bach! Beethoven! Listen to this genius". At the end, some of those who gave it a try were rewarded with tickets to Al Bustan Festival.…

Interview With The Lebanese Priest Who Sexually Harassed A Woman

2 years ago
After a video came out showing a Lebanese priest called Antoun Farah sexually harassing a woman, New TV went and interviewed the priest as per his request. Clearly this guy is delusional but what I ...

Meet The Woman Everyone Hates In Lebanon

2 years ago
Her name is Tania Awad Ghorra and she’s the woman behind the voice recordings for Alfa, Touch, Ogero, Beirut Rafic Hariri’s airport, as well as many banks and hospitals in Lebanon. Almost everyone hates that ...

Exotica Nails It For Mother’s Day

2 years ago
A mom is proud no matter what. I thought last year’s Exotica ad was a good one but this one is far better! Let’s see who comes out with a better Mother’s Day ad this ...

AUB Student Found Dead Near Hamra Hotel

2 years ago
Investigators are examining the area where she was found and a construction site behind Midtown for clues. A 21 year old student called Nicole Assaf was unfortunately found dead in an empty lot in Hamra ...