Update on the Sea Lion spotted in Tyr

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The seal that LBCI talked about four days ago turned out to be a sea lion and has come back today to the port in Tyre. According to Animals Lebanon, the sea lion is a captive raised California sea lion, not native to this region and not used to surviving in the wild, and releasing the animal in the wild is against the recommendations of the IUCN. They added that the person responsible at the Ministry of Environment said a decision will be made this week of the fate of the sea lion.

Let’s hope the concerned Ministry takes the right decision to send this young sea lion to a proper place to be given the specialized care needed.

You can read more updates [Here].

Ziad Doueiri reacts to the ban of his latest movie “The Attack”

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Why did Charbel oppose the movie? Because he received a protest letter from the Israel Boycott Office of the Cairo-based Arab League. As we all know, Arab countries and on top of them Egypt are very sensitive when it comes to Israel (Specially in Sharm el Sheikh).

Charbel told AFP the interior ministry had granted Doueiri a permit to film the movie but revoked it after receiving a letter of protest from the Israel Boycott Office of the Cairo-based Arab League.

“We had no problem with the movie but when we received the protest letter… we could not oppose” the request, he said. [NowLebanon]

The Attack was already rejected by Lebanon’s cinema committee and prohibited from getting nominated for an Oscar under the Foreign Film category. The movie was adapted from a novel by Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra and portrays the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of an Israeli doctor who discovers that his wife carried out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Taking aside the ban of this movie, doesn’t Doueiri looks a bit like Ghaddafi?

Basmet Watan – Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir Episode

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It looks like every time a Nasrallah is caricaturized on Basmet Watan, some Lebanese get upset. Last time it was Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah and now it’s the previous Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir.

Funnily enough, I didn’t see anyone blocking roads when a Saudi paper mocked the current Patriarch.

One thing I have to tell those blocking roads and causing traffic over a pointless matter: Stop this nonsense and focus on more important matters, or as the Lebanese proverb says “3melo chi byenfa3″.

Google acquires Wavii for over $30 million dollars

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Lebanese-American Adrian Aoun, the founder of Wavii – Picture taken from wired

Google acquires a lot of start-ups every year but this acquisition is worth a mention as its founder is a Lebanese-American called Adrian Aoun. You can read more about Wavii on [Mashable] and [TechCrunch].

Famously, Google says it’s on mission to organize the world’s information. And Wavii says it’s on a mission to understand the world’s information. So there’s a certain harmony behind the reports that Google has paid $30 million to acquire the Seattle startup.

Wavii offers a service that lets people to “follow” a subject — such as biotechnology, the Middle East or stamp collecting — in much the same way you would follow a person on Twitter or Facebook. But when the company launched in 2012, founder Adrian Aoun had a grander version, saying he planned to expand the technology at the heart of the company’s service and provide a way for machines to better understand the massive amounts of information posted to the internet with each passing minute. [Link]