Stop Killing Hyenas in Lebanon

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I always used to hear from friends and family that hyenas are dangerous and deadly creatures that pose a threat to humans and should be killed. However, I learned from a previous post that there are various types of hyenas, one of them being the striped hyena which is an endangered species and is known to be extremely timid around humans.

This being said, we should not be killing these creatures but preserving them instead. In order to do so, you can contact The Animal Encounter organization and they’ll be more than glad to help. Last but not least, I wish that LBC and other TVs ask their viewers to refrain from shooting down these animals and reporting them instead to them or to the corresponding organizations.

7 thoughts on “Stop Killing Hyenas in Lebanon

  1. GBG

    After reading everything posted about hyenas around here, I believe there is a misconception:
    You believe that hyenas are purely scavengers, which isn’t true at all. Now the amount of scavenging vs hunting varies from one species to another. It is true that Striped hyenas rely on scavenging for most of their diet, but it is not at all unusual for them to hunt and kill sheep, goats, donkeys, and horses, and as such they are a danger to farmers and herders as much as other local predators. However Spotted hyenas(the most famous type of hyenas) are the most efficient hunters on the planet, hunting 90% of their own prey (and their kills are constantly stolen by lions). When you want to learn about any wild animal, I would highly recommend that you only get your information from field researchers who study the animal firsthand, and to ignore anything you hear from zookeepers or wildlife research institutes that are confined to their laboratories.

  2. Moe

    what is even funnier is that he insisted that he killed with one single shot! check his tone when he said it, so proud of himself.
    watching such video reminds me how far behind civilized countries we still are 🙂

  3. chcsfsh

    I will voice my opinion:
    Lebanon is a piece of sh*t country. Most of its people are ignorant, selfish, and will not stop killing other animals and humans. Just seeing the smirks on their faces makes me want to do things to them that they would think cruel to animals. Secondly, I have really given up on believing that this beautiful country Lebanon will one day come to terms with its nature, and people and we can all live as one…merely a fantasy. I would probably be more likely to impregnate Kim Kardashian then see that happen. More so, there is no freedom, no proper roads, no electricity (following after african countries that have probably never even seen a television), high priced gas, food, entertainment, and so much theft. Also, now a days rape is becoming something in Lebanon, GREAT! Murder for cars and money, and our politicians 100% of them are probably eating best quality meats and vegetables, while the chemical and rot is given to the people. Yet, still the people are happy and smiling ‘haha lets go kill a hyena maybe ill feel like i have greater testicular fortitude’, Lets go and see who can kill the most birds even though they are dying out, how awesome is that? walla, we have the bravest men in the world, look at how proud we are of killing things weaker than us, look at how we smile when we get stepped and spat on. WAKE UP PEOPLE! your being treated no different than garbage yet you still vote and fight with each other for politicians who would sell you out in a heart beat. I am disgraced to be Lebanese, truly disgraced, and yes mesh 3ejebneh so I am leaving Lebanon at the first opportunity I get and giving up my passport just as easy, enjoy it all to yourselves because soon there will be nothing left.

  4. Joseph

    I saw something like this recently driving from Bcharre to Tannourine taking the mountain road that cuts through Harissa, Tannourine.

    It had raised hair running along its spine and a spiky looking tail. It also had “fangs” and at first tried to stare down the car as we approached it but then ran after the car for a good kilometre until it got too tired.

  5. Ramy

    Agreed. Hunting laws and their application need to be looked into as-well. The number of endangered birds we shoot each year is shameful.
    Until something is done..

  6. Rab

    I am talking abt these people,
    I hope he wont mistake his wife for a dog next time
    Or maybe he should
    E D U C A T I O N
    Only way to preserve our wildlife
    And these hyenas, endangered species of our mountains
    They should be protected by our law
    Oh i forgot
    If we cant protect humans in this shit of a country
    How will we protect animals?


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