16 thoughts on “You parked like a jackass!

  1. jim

    what’s better is the guy who parks in front of 1) a fire exit and 2) a fire hydrant, both at once… tops the whole thing off by blocking our car from leaving (mind you a touareg is not particularly agile in tight parking spots)

    ^^ also in ABC ashrafiyeh

    (some people need to be singled out and shot, whereas others need to be protected at all costs, lebonese have it the wrong way around though)

  2. user

    Najib, you should make a website http://www.parkedlikejackass.com to shame people like that…
    and like rk said: put a certificate on their windsheild(similar to “looks like beirut”) telling the jackass to visit the website for a shot of their car parked like a jackass…

    also note that everywhere else in the world you will be fined if you park like that…

  3. ed

    I was considering printing out like 20 pieces of paper and keeping them in my car for situations like these.. on every paper I would write: “Mesh hek bi soffo ya JA7ESH”, but then I realized that the person who parks like this would throw that paper on the ground and leave the parking as if nothing happened 🙁

    1. M

      Bas ma3le, u would make him angry or disturbed just like how the sight of his parked car annoyed others, sometimes i leave them a handwritten note

  4. Paul

    Actually the parking of the first car is justifiable. Just think about it this way; you have a 100k+ Mercedes Benz and you park it properly in a parking lot. And then suddenly an asshole comes and parks next to you and scratches your doors when opening his. It has actually happened to me. You park somewhere and when you come back you see a new scratch on your door and a car parked really close to yours. I would park the same way. The other two, are true dumbasses and should be shot. One can clearly notice the difference in parking. The S-class driver wanted to take two spaces to protect his car. The other two got their licenses through “wasta.”

    1. HaDy

      No one is above the law or whatever you want to call it. You might see it as the driver taking a precaution so as not to get his car scratched, I see it as more of a reason to scratch it. And why are you defending him and not the guy driving the Honda or even the Infiniti? It’s reasoning like this that will never get us anywhere. I agree with T on his statement.

  5. Cynthia

    I once left a note on a guy’s car who parked under our building despite the No parking sign. I wrote: ‘ya3ne ya a3ma ma bte2cha3 baddak 3waynet ya wa7ad 7mar bala akhle2 :)’ with a big smiley face in the end. I enjoyed watching him read it lol


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