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However, at a press conference on Wednesday, Nadim Khater, chief commercial officer for mtc touch, said that during the company’s month-long test phase, users in Beirut saw an average download speed of 4.3 Mbps. There were only 2,000 customers testing the network.

When asked if he thought the speeds would go down as more users subscribe, he said, “Absolutely.” [Link]

The question remains: How low will the speeds get as more users subscribe? That remains to be seen in the next few weeks.

In other related news, Internet users throughout Lebanon experienced a major slow-down Monday morning, as the country lost the connection to its primary underwater India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) cable. [Link]

From what I know, there should always be a backup cable for such cases. Seems we don’t have one. It would be nice to see Sehnaoui doing press conferences when something’s going wrong, not just when announcing new releases or good news. It will definitely make him more credible if he shares the ministry’s issues with the concerned Lebanese.