Apple announced a series of new features and updates across its 4 platforms: MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and TVOS. Here are the 5 things that I liked best:

1- Swift Playground
Apple introduced Swift Playground, a free iPad app that teaches kids how to code. It is fun and intuitive using game like lessons to make learning code seem easy.

WW Swift

2- Calls, Messages and Emojis
You can now receive voice and video calls from third party apps (i.e Whatsapp) to the home screen just like traditional calls. iMessage got a major makeover with integration support for third party apps, services and lots of interactive features as well as fun and predictive emojis.

3- Apple Watch SOS Button and Medical ID Bracelet
You can now long press the side button of your watch to initiate an SOS call anywhere in the world, without even knowing the local emergency number. The watch will also turn into a medial ID bracelet showing all your emergency medical details.

4- Home App
Home allows you to control all your smart devices in your house via HomeKit. It will let you control the lights, thermostats, open doors, view cams and set scenes, all from one native app.

5- iCloud Drive
A more efficient and productive way to use desktop storage and iCloud. Your desktop files are now backed up and stored in the cloud while being fully accessible across all desktop and mobile devices.

Overall Apple is moving towards a more open system, it is giving the developer community more access and tools to push the limits without compromising on the aesthetics, functionality and more important the privacy of the user. The iOS 10 Developer Preview is already out now, with a public beta available in the summer and the final version coming this September with the new iPhone launch.