If you’re the kind of person who likes to read well written articles, I recommend you read Michael Tsai’s sobering look into how Apple lost the plot with professionals. Here, I’ll just drop in a random list of why I think professionals will hate the new MacbookPro.

1- Pros never, ever look at their keyboards. They memorize all the shortcuts and think of shaving milliseconds from their workflows. If they want to make text bold, they will hit cmd+B. They will not take their eyes off their work to seek a tiny “B” on their Touch Bar and make their hand travel all that distance (a waste of time!) to touch it.

2- The escape Key is still there in software form on the Touch Bar, but removing it physically sucks for Pros. Not because they all use VIM, but because when an unwanted dialogue window pops up, Pros instantly dismiss it with the escape key, not by making their mouse pointer travel the endless distance to the “cancel” button


3- Pros Don’t mind thinner and lighter. They just hate it when weight and volume is taken off their machines, only to be added back in the shape of dongles and external peripherals. At least the heavier laptop with no dongles is one object that is easier to move around.

4- Thinner and lighter increasingly means less cutting edge performance and battery life.

5- Wanting performance and getting emojis instead is as insulting as if you needed a real gun and Apple gave you a water gun instead… oh wait..

I’m increasingly certain that Apple is not marketing this thing for pros. It’s dumbing its pro line down and making it cuter because it believes this will make them sell more. This sucks for pros, and down the line I believe it sucks for Apple.

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