When the clock struck 4 am on Tuesday the 22nd of November, it will have been six months since we parted ways. Half a year felt like twenty and I know this applied to the rest of my family and close friends. I keep on hearing “Yalli khallaf ma met” and bit by bit the saying is proven accurate. One starts to reflect on the legacy left behind by a death, what they had left behind, the change made, or simply the heritage. Well, I have come to the conclusion that a legacy is left through the people one encountered in his or her lifetime.

Wherever I stumble upon these days, whether its work or randomly during the week, my last name is a direct reference to you. And when they find out that I am your son, I can sense their change in attitude: respect goes through the roof, loyalty and pride are directly assigned by my affiliation to you. These occurrences have put a permanent chip on my shoulder that sometimes feels a bit heavy when i feel compared to you.

I cannot speak for my brothers, but i am certain that they feel the weight of that chip on their shoulders as well. All three of us know that even if we become the best version of us possible, we will still fall short as ur legacy precedes us.

On a final note, its been six months and it will be another later, I will still miss you paps and will always strive to be a true “Bob”.