BlogBaladi Earning The Top Spot In Communicate Levant’s Book of Tens (Top Social Media Influencers)

5 years ago
Communicate Levant just released their book of tens 2015 which includes comprehensive lists of everything that happened in Lebanon last year from viral campaigns, YouTube hits, epic media mistakes, promising local startups, bad outdoor ads, ...

Communicate Magazine Top 10 Lebanese Blogs

8 years ago
Picture via Joe BlogBaladi was among Communicate Magazine’s Top 10 Lebanese Blogs in their “2013 book of tens”. The supplement includes Top 10 of viral campaigns, copycats, local videos, blogs and other social-media related topics. ...

BlogBaladi Featured in Communicate Magazine

9 years ago
BlogBaladi was featured once again in the October 2011 Communicate Levant issue. This time, the post mentioned was the one entitled “Answering Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism ads“. You can check out the other fellow bloggers ...

BlogBaladi in Communicate Magazine

10 years ago
BlogBaladi featured in the Communicate Levant Edition Magazine in its February 2010 edition. This is the second time we are mentioned in the Blogosphere section of the magazine. ...
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Blog Baladi in Communicate Magazine

10 years ago
Just found out via the blog This is Beirut that Blog Baladi was one of the Lebanese blogs featured in Communicate Magazine. That’s pretty cool. [Link] ...

Five Reasons Why Lockdowns are Failing in Lebanon

4 months ago
Let me start but saying that lockdowns in most countries around the world have turned into failed experiments, but quite often helped these same countries in planning the re-opening phase or implementing a second lockdown, ...

Diab Government Continues Selective, Yet Useless, Lockdown

5 months ago
If you want more proof that this resigned government is managing miserably the COVID-19 pandemic, the Interior Ministry just announced a renewed selective lockdown of 169 villages and towns for one week starting Monday. At ...

The Government Must Resign, Everything Else is a Diversion

1 year ago
Tomorrow will mark the tenth day since the protests have begun and there are still no signs of the government resigning. Rumors spread late yesterday but they were denied. In the mean time, thugs are ...

General Security Bans Metal Band Sepultura From Entering Lebanon

1 year ago
One of the most prominent names of the international metal scene for the last 30 years or so, Sepultura were set to rock Beirut heavily on April 28th at The Palace – Hamra. With heavy ...

Al Kazzi Nuts Caught Copying Krikita Ads

2 years ago
In today’s cluttered word of advertising, where we are bombarded online and offline with brands’ attempts to grab our attention and get our business, it’s easy to not notice frowned-upon, copy-cat ad campaigns. I saw ...