It’s been over a year since the Beirut Port blast, the third-largest non-nuclear explosion in history, took place and and the survivors are still grieving and waiting for justice. What’s clear for now is that the explosion was the result of years of negligence and incompetence and there are tons of documents and testimonies to back this claim.

Al Jadeed’s investigative journalists have done an outstanding job in the past 12 months and all their findings have been documented in a website called [].

You will find everything in the website including a timeline from the moment the ammonium nitrate ship got to the port to the day the explosion took place. You will also a list of 12 people, including Pr Michel Aoun, Maj. Gen. Tony Saliba, ex-Army Chief Jean Kahwaji, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, ex-minister Youssef Fenianos, ex-minister Ghazi Zaaiter, Lebanese customs chief Badri Daher, ex-minister Ali Hassan Khalil, ex-minister Nohad el Mashnouq, port officials Abdel Hafiz el Kaissi and Hassan Kraytem, that knew about the substance and hold a direct or indirect responsibility.

Check it out [here].