If you’re a fan of Chocolate truffles, you’re gonna love Boozebumps! Alcohol-infused goodness rolled into bite-sized balls including your favorite drinks and cocktails (there’s even Arak 😍). Boozebumps is a local business that was started few weeks back and currently offers six types of balls:

⚫️ Neat Whiskey
⚫️ Sassy Rhum
⚫️ Fancy Wine
⚪️ Mad Vodka
⚪️ Epic Tequila
⚪️ Wild Arak

You can easily order them via Instagram and they come in a nicely packed box of six. My favorites were the Rhum, Whiskey and Arak ones.

Follow them on [Insta] and give them a try, they’re awesome yet addictive 🙄, you’ve been warned!