Ziad Sankari was 17 years old when his father died of a heart attack. Ever since, Ziad has dedicated his career to cardiac care and has founded in 2012 CardioDiagnostics: an award-winning medical technology innovation company specialized in the R&D of breakthrough cardiac monitoring technologies.

CardioDiagnostics uses FDA-approved wearable devices that are 24/7 GPS-enabled heart rate monitors allowing for heart monitoring centers to communicate diagnostic and preventive information to patients in the United States and in Lebanon. Ziad has already won several awards and was recognized last year by US President Barack Obama as one of the emerging young entrepreneurs from around the world.

CardioDiagnostics is constantly evolving and now uses the Microsoft Cloud to transmit the patient’s cardiac data to a Cloud that’s made available to physicians anywhere in the world. Check out this nice feature made by Microsoft for CardioDiagnostics.