Someone Should Update Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” for #Lebanon’s Never Ending Struggles

Every now and then, we hear about an updated "Ironic" song to suit today's problems. The latest was released a month ago and sung by Alanis Morissette and James Corden. I was thinking someone should come up with an updated version that reflects on our problems in #Lebanon. From electricity, *slow* internet, traffic, pollution, Wadih el Sheikh you name it ...

Lebanese Mory Hatem Selected by Lara Fabian in The Voice Canada

After participating in 2012 in MBC's The Voice - Ahla Sawt , and being contacted by Disney for the role of Aladdin in the upcoming live-action film without succeeding to claim both, Lebanese singer Mory Hatem, aged 27, has decided to chase his dream of singing once more, but this time in Canada. Being a huge fan of Lara Fabian whom he couldn't get to watch in Lebanon after she was - and still is…

Mashrou’ Leila Back with a New Single and Album after 4 years

7 months ago
We’re ecstatic to finally reveal CAVALRY, the first single from our forthcoming album ‘THE BEIRUT SCHOOL’ . An album that celebrates the first 10 years of Mashrou Leila and kicks off our next chapter together ...

Did you Listen to The “Ya Bro” Song? Don’t.

8 months ago
Some “artist” called Hadi’z released a terrible song called Ya Bro. The lyrics, the clip everything sucks but it’s one of those songs that will stick in your head for some reason. The funniest part ...

Majida el Roumi First Ever Concert in Saudi Arabia

8 months ago
The weeks-long Tantoura winter festival in Saudi Arabia had a special guest for their first year, as iconic Lebanese singer Majida el Roumi performed for the first time ever at the festival and in Saudi ...

Dabkeh vs Breaking

8 months ago
I stumbled today upon this old video by Red Bull showcasing a cultural conversation between traditional Lebanese Dabke and breaking. You’d think it’s an odd combination at first but the outcome is a captivating video ...

Ibrahim Maalouf Found Guilty of Assaulting 14-Year Old Schoolgirl

9 months ago
Last year, French-Lebanese trumpet player and teacher and composer Ibrahim Maalouf was celebrating his César for “Best Original Score” at France’s most prominent film awards. This year, he faced accusations of assaulting a 14-year-old schoolgirl ...

The first Lebanese “Broadway Musical” sees the light this October at the Casino du Liban

11 months ago
Many of you have dreamed of watching one for years. Here’s your chance to do so in Lebanon, at the Casino du Liban, on October 12, 13 and 14. Majnoun Leila – مجنون ليلى is ...

Spotify To Launch Soon in the Middle East?

1 year ago
Music streaming service Spotify is set to join Apple Music and launch in the Middle East by November according to some sources. The internal company email that was obtained by Music Business Worldwide states the ...

Jerry Ghazal’s First Single is Out

1 year ago
My first encounter with Jerry was during one of his “Connected” episodes on MTV when I tweeted asking him to include some local trends instead of focusing on the global ones. I didn’t think he’d ...