18 Old & Recent Pictures to Celebrate AUB’s 150th Anniversary!

I compiled a list of old pictures of the American University of Beirut from 1890 until today to celebrate its 150th anniversary. I found old photos from 1890, 1907, 1910, the 1920s, 1930, 1942, 1953, 1969, 1971 and 1980 all from three main sources , Life and AUB. I also added a couple of recent pictures. I always miss AUB and try to visit it every now and then. I miss hanging out with friends…

A Scandal in Beirut in 1976–A Dream Come True in 2016

On January 18, 1976, Beirut experienced a major blackout for a total of 20 minutes due to the ongoing fights. A 20 minute blackout was considered a scandal at the time even though the country was at war, and the story was mentioned in most newspapers. Can you imagine how the Lebanese would react if the current goes out for only 20 minutes these days? They would probably panic at first, then they would hit…

The Legendary Palmyra Hotel In Baalbeck: Open Since 1874

7 years ago
I’ve been to Baalbeck quite a few times but I never had the chance to visit the legendary Palmyra hotel there. The hotel is one of the oldest in Lebanon, if not the oldest, and ...

Watch This Epic Dive From The Top Of Raouche Rock (Pigeon Rock)

7 years ago
This video was shared yesterday on NostalgiaLB (I love this page!) and shows an incredible dive by a war amputee called Oliver Ghorayyeb back in 1994 from the top of Raouche Rock. It’s definitely not ...

After 35 Years, You Will Finally Be Able To Watch (Not Just Listen) To Ziad Rahbani Plays!

7 years ago
How many of you have been listening to Ziad Rahbani plays for the past 20 years or more? How many times have you visualized the scenes in your head while listening to the plays? How ...

The Iconic Heneine Palace In Beirut Placed on the 2016 World Monuments Fund Watch List

7 years ago
The Heinene Palace, one of Beirut’s oldest and most iconic palaces, has just been placed on the 2016 World Monuments Fund Watch List thanks to Save Beirut Heritage! The 19th century palace was built during ...

Rare Harissa Footage From The Early 1940s

7 years ago
The Jounieh bay was pretty much empty. Check out this amazing video [here]. An old picture of Harissa taken in the 1920s via LBCI ...

Old Buildings Of Beirut On The Verge Of Extinction

7 years ago
CNN featured Beirut’s old buildings as 1 of the 25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction. Here’s what they said: As if decades of civil war and bombardments weren’t enough, the remaining old buildings ...

Rare Footage From The Lebanese-Syrian Rally, AKA The Safari of the Middle East, In 1974

7 years ago
This is quite an amazing old footage from 1974 back when we had a rally between Lebanon and Syria that looked a bit like the Paris Dakar. Lebanese Driver Joe Hindi won the rally that ...

12 Vintage Posters And Pictures To Commemorate 70 Years Of Middle East Airlines

8 years ago
via MEA Since Middle East Airlines is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, I thought I dig out old posters and pictures to reflect on these 70 years and how things have changed. Enjoy! PS: ...