I have no idea what demonstration etiquette even means, but someone caught MTV talking about it this morning and started the #اتيكيت_التظاهرات hashtag. I just found the video on MTV and the woman is simply talking about the right to protest and preserve public property in the first few minutes but then she starts discussing (around Minute 10) the proper dress code for a protest and how women should dress nice and look pretty LOL!

I’d like to invite this woman to attend the next #YouStink protest and show us how we can apply this etiquette with water cannons, tear gas canisters around us and hundreds of riot police around us.


Needless to say, everyone started making fun of this so-called etiquette and the #اتيكيت_التظاهرات tweets are quite hilarious!
Here are some of them and you can check out the rest [here].





demo2 via MoxyBeirut

demo3 via MoxyBeirut