I always forget where I park in malls, especially in ones that I don’t go to very often. Yesterday as I was leaving City Centre Beirut, I had completely forgotten where my car was, not just the location but even the floor so I went down to P1 and while paying, found a large screen that’s supposed to help you find your car.

I thought they were similar to the ABC ones, which are pretty useless since they only hand you a paper with the floor and color area regardless of where you’re actually parked, but I clicked on it anyway and it asked me to “Type as much of my license plate that I remember”. So I typed in B519534 and within seconds, it showed me a picture of my car and then a map to guide me there! The best part is that the plate number turned out to be wrong but it still got the right car.

I’m aware this is not a new technology and that you can even locate your car in malls using Google Maps, but I wasn’t expecting to find it at any Lebanese malls, especially that they still use fake bomb detectors at the entrance and usually have the ugliest and least user-friendly touch screens for finding stores inside malls.

PS: Oh and I was watching the premiere of the Avengers:Infinity and the movies kicks ass!