If you thought the way this government handled the pandemic was a mess, wait till they get their hands on the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines. According to this LBCI report, we’re only getting the doses from Pfizer but the committee in charge of managing the pandemic is looking into other options as well.

However, the real problem resides on storing and distributing the vaccines, and more importantly, how will the authorities decide who will get the vaccine first, because we’re not getting enough doses for everyone. Obviously, prioritization is problematic worldwide, but the problem resides elsewhere in Lebanon, as politicians and ministers in charge will try to secure a share of vaccines for their surroundings, instead of focusing on reaching out to high-risk patients and the elderly.

We’ve seen a similar scenario with the flu shot, whereas a lot of doctors couldn’t get ahold of any shots for their high-risk patients as pharmacists and friends of the Health Minister got the lion’s share, and it won’t be any different for the COVID-19 vaccine.