casemedrozine Rozline’s daughter Catherine Moughalian

This is a truly painful story. I wish I could do more than donate a bit of money and spread the message but I can’t. I think someone should try to reach out to Minister Bou Faour to handle this case and treat Rozine Moughalian for free before it’s too late.

Rozine’s daughter is trying to raise funds for her mom’s liver transplant before the end of month otherwise she won’t make it. Rozine lives in Bourj Hammoud and developed subacute liver failure in the past 3 months, which doctors were unable to diagnose and suspect possible drug or toxin exposure. The condition developed quite fast, and Rozine went from working three jobs two months ago to being hospitalized with a terminal condition today. She is currently in need of a liver transplant without delay (within the next two weeks).

You can donate [here].

Here’s the full story:

It is an extremely difficult process to find donors and secure funds in such a short period of time. So, due to bureaucratic procedures and time constraints, she can’t receive a liver transplant in Lebanon and it was recommended by doctors that she be transferred abroad for proper assessment and treatment. We are currently aiming for transferring her to Iran or India, these being the cheapest options. France was also an option earlier but it costs double what the surgery would cost in Iran or India.

Mom does not have the money for such a surgery, and she doesn’t have access to free quality healthcare. We need to raise at least 200,000 USD by the end of the month to be able to fund her surgery or it will be too late.

I find it absurd that my mom won’t get to live out the month because we can’t afford the money or a donor. She has the right to access free medical care, she has the right to get appointments with doctors without wasta, and the right to be admitted into the hospital at the expense of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) without having to wait a day in the ER while we make the “right calls to the right people.”

In a country where our basic rights are not available, or only available to a select few, sticking together is more of a basic need than duty. If you feel you can donate, any amount will bring us closer to the goal of keeping my mom alive.

I understand if you can’t donate, but please share this message with people who you think can help, either financially or by pointing us to people who have had a similar experience and can help with procedures and logistics.

I urge you to gather your resources as I am gathering mine. Thank you for reading this.

In solidarity,
Catherine Moughalian
If you have means of helping other than donations please contact me: 961 3 098 817