Arguile is a must even during clashes in Lebanon: Picture from Al-Akhbar

Despite the heavy deployment of the Lebanese army and security forces yesterday night, the clashes are still ongoing and the army vehicles are now being targeted by sniper fire coming from Jabal Mohsen.

So far 12 people were killed, including a young Sunnite Sheikh, and 86 injured, including Canadian journalist Maria Moore. [Link]

Things are going from bad to worse but I think like everything else that’s been going on in Lebanon lately, it will calm down all of a sudden and everything will go back to normal. After the Mokdads almost initiated a civil war a week back by kidnapping Syrian dissidents, people seem to have forgotten about them even though innocent civilians are still being kidnapped randomly, with the last victim being Youssef Jamil Sabra in Forzol.

Amid all the chaos, I worry that our only hope for peace is in the hands of the winner of the Miss Lebanon 2012 competition.