I have to agree that hunting should be regulated not banned in Lebanon, and also that birds are really good when cooked properly!

Hunting in Lebanon, though not regulated or legalized officially, is practiced by tens of thousands of hunters in this ecologically diverse country. Labeling this hobby by many people as a crime reflects an ignorance of the details of hunting, or rather injustice towards it. Hunting existed since humanity’s inception and if practiced responsibly, it could be sustained and sustainable.

Some poachers in Lebanon are ruining the nature and the image of hunters by practicing excessive hunting of legal birds or hunting of illegal birds like hawks, eagles, owls, storks, pelicans, goldfinches, bulbuls, etc… Abolishing hunting does not solve the problem; rather, a change of mentality is required.

However, some benevolent and professional groups and individuals are trying to raise awareness and pushing forward to regulate it legally through guidelines and laws for hunting.[]


For more info about hunting in Lebanon, and the efforts done to regulate and raise awareness towards this hobby to sustain it and protect the environment, you can visit the [Pro Lebanese Hunters Facebook page].