Hundreds joined the event held yesterday at Kfaraabida to protest against the decision to turn the rocky facade into a private yacht club and a huge touristic resort. They came with their boats, enjoyed the crystal clear water, swam with the turtles, jumped off the naturally formed rocks and camped on site.

We don’t need more private resorts on the beach. We don’t need further privatization and pollution. The beach belongs to everyone and it should remain that way.

Here’s how Kfaraabida’s disrespectful head of municipality reacted to those opposing the project:


joe-sokhn2 Photo Credits: Joe Sokhn

kfar5-sah Photo Credits: Eliane Sahyoun

johny-anthony-al-khawand-kfar Photo Credits: Johny Anthony Al Khawand


najah-assal-kfar Photo Credits: Najah Assal

joe-sokhn Photo Credits: Joe Sokhn

kfar6-sah Photo Credits: Eliane Sahyoun


kfar3-sahyoun Photo Credits: Eliane Sahyoun


orenall-nohra Photo Credits: Ornella Nohra

Check out this [beautiful article] on Kfaraabida that I found yesterday.