The Traffic Management Center in Lebanon shared a video showing a van crossing the highway from one way to the other and stopping on the fast lane to pick up passengers who met him half way by crossing the highway since there’s no pedestrian bridge around.

Of course I’m glad they caught the guy and that they will fine him (in case the plate number turns out to be a genuine not a stolen one), but you don’t really need cameras to stop these vans. They break the law on a daily basis in specific spots doing the same exact thing even when there are police officers around. We don’t need speed traps nor sophisticated monitoring centers to fine them and stop them. We need police officers enforcing the law on EVERYONE and REGULARLY, not when they feel like doing so.

Take that for example. Everyday in front of the Blue Mosque in Beirut, vans are either stopping to pick up passengers, crossing the red light, cutting people off, honking and harassing drivers who stop at the red light etc. Every day at the heart of Beirut where there are more cameras than parking lots and nothing is being done.