Kazakhstan’s shooting team demanded an apology after a spoof national anthem from the comedy film Borat was played instead of the real one at a medal ceremony in Kuwait, the BBC reported on Friday. [Link]

Now that is freakin’ hilarious! I am surprised the athlete kept her composure and did not make a scene.

Here are few lyrics from Borat’s O’Kazakhstan anthem:

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
Other countries have inferior potassium.

Kazakhstan industry best in the world.
We invented toffee and trouser belt.
Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region.
Except of course Turkmenistan’s

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.
From Plains of Tarashek to Norther fence of Jewtown.
Come grasp the might phenis of our leader.
From junction with the testes to tip of its face!

Mabrouk to the Lebanese female competitor who got third place. I am trying to see what her name is but can’t find it anywhere. My guess is she’s Ray Bassil.