Pope Benedict XVI seems determined to visit Lebanon in mid-September despite the chaotic situation here. His “papamobile” has already landed in Lebanon and was immediately taken to the presidential palace amidst security escort, in presence of Apostolic Nuncio Gabriel Katchea, Embassy First Secretary Monsignor Paolo Borgia, and representatives of Presidential Palace. [NNA]

The popemobile most often used by Pope Benedict XVI when traveling abroad is a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle with a special glass-enclosed “room” that has been built into the back of the vehicle. The pope enters through a rear door and ascends several steps. After the pope sits in his chair, it is elevated up into the glass “room” by a hydraulic lift, allowing the pope to be more easily seen. In addition to the driver, there is room for one passenger (usually a security agent) in the front of the vehicle. The glass-enclosed rear of the vehicle also has room for two papal aides who can sit in the area in front of the pope’s elevated chair. The vehicle’s security features include bulletproof glass windows and roof and reinforced, armored side panels and underbody. [Wiki]

Another uncovered papa mobile used by The Pope