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I saw today this post on Lebanese Memes’ Facebook Page as a reply to my earlier post:

Just to be clear at first, I’ve been a fan of your page even before it got so popular and I still think you guys are pulling a great job by attracting so many people (without paid ads). The only reason I posted was because you’re a fun page and the video I saw was a bit too serious.

Speaking of the SMAs, and as I stated in one of the comments, I had considered you but didn’t know where to nominate you. I even thought of asking the people behind SMA to add a category for fun and creative social media pages.

What you said clarified things and I thank you for your honest and professional reply. As far as portraying the bad habits we have in Lebanon, I can’t help but comment on such things from time to time as well and try to make some fun out of it (through memes also) and Patrick did make a valid point.

PS: I would choose you over Nemr Abou Nassar anytime.

Thanks you la 2elak too 😛

GoOd MoRninG LebAnOn – thx u Nath Halawani 4 sharing

Don’t you love reading constructive criticism in early morning?

Dear Blog Baladi thx u la elak for what you wrote 🙂 I am only answering you because it is a respectful constructive mature criticism.

– You wrote: “I was even more surprised to learn they are turning the Lebanese Memes Facebook page into some business with a mission”

Lebanese memes is not a business, it is a “just for fun facebook page” which is trying to add value to the society. We are not turning it into anything, this was our mission statement since day 1.

– You also wrote: “No Lebanese would want to spread the ways of life portrayed to foreigners because that’s not something to be proud of.”

Patrick already answered you, Any comedian is technically “spreading the ways of life portrayed” in whatever country they’re living in, good or bad. Would you like to tell this to Nemr Abou Nassar for example? Not to mention that this page is for the fans (a 100% real community – NO FAKE LIKES) and they make most of the memes so we as a Lebanese Memes community, being away from politics and religion are trying to be sarcastic about what is happening in Lebanon and hoping to change things via humor.

-You also wrote: “One last thing, I think they should remove the lame memes, not just the ones who are racist or sexist.”

I would love to remove the memes that i find lame, but i have to respect the people who find it funny 🙂 + the fans spend time in creating a meme and then sharing it on the page. It is their way of spreading their ideas lame or not.

Thx u la elak again for what you wrote and hope that this reply will generate a good flow for your blog 🙂