I saw this YouTube video by mistake today and was honestly surprised to learn Lebanese Memes have a YouTube Channel and are taking part in the Social Media Awards. I was even more surprised to learn they are turning the Lebanese Memes Facebook page into some business with a mission “to reunite ALL the Lebanese people (In Lebanon & around the world) via pure Lebanese humor” and an objective “to be the number one Lebanese facebook page & to give foreigners an idea about our culture and WAYS of life.”

Speaking of our culture and ways of life:

Kidnapping has become part of our culture

Mocking the Lebanese Nationality

Praising Myriam Klink

No comment

Zouk Power Plant is part of our culture?

Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the memes and think they are funny but that’s about it. No Lebanese would want to spread the ways of life portrayed to foreigners because that’s not something to be proud of. I am hoping whomever is behind that page is being sarcastic about it but it doesn’t look that way and this kind of beats the purpose of a meme.

One last thing, I think they should remove the lame memes, not just the ones who are racist or sexist.