The government has failed, the Health & Interior Ministries have failed miserably, the media failed and the people have failed too in respecting the COVID-19 guidelines. However, now is not the time to play the blame game because the situation is critical and the large rise in #COVID-19 cases in the past few days is quite alarming and spiraling out of control.

The question now is whether we go back to a full lockdown or a partial one, but given the lack of preparedness and incompetence of those in charge, nothing will work except a full lockdown, as the security forces & concerned ministries are incapable of imposing a partial lockdown.

The first full lockdown was managed relatively well, but as soon as it was lifted, it was a complete mess and we’re paying the price now. We need to prepare our hospitals better, increase our testing capacities, improve testing centers and ICUs and more importantly make sure measures in place are applied at all time.

Here are a couple of graphs showing the severity of the situation. [Source]

We cannot choose economy over health, not when the government is not helping businesses with or without COVID-19, and is not taking any measures to revive the economy with or without lockdown. There are plenty of scenarios to apply where the airport stays open, flights are reduced and those flying in are kept in quarantine, someone has to tell those in charge to get their sh*t together and get to work. Healthcare workers have been and will always be the real heroes, but infection rates are increasing in their ranks and we’ve already lost a doctor.

Until then, everyone MUST wear masks, MUST apply social distance, MUST stay away from crowded places and MUST spread awareness in his/her surrounding.