Picture from MichaelTotten

I was on my way to Khaldeh the other day and while stuck in traffic, I noticed a scooter driving slowly next to a car and gazing at the woman behind the wheels. He kept doing so for almost 10 minutes before traffic finally cleared and she sped away. I kept close to the woman thinking I might be able to help her if he attempts to open the door or break the window or something but I wasn’t really sure how I would react.

Lebanese Blogger Ivy was involved in a similar incident this morning, yet things could have gone much worse for her (Thank God they didn’t) as she was followed by not just one, but “two domineering hyenas on motorbikes” as she describes them and one of them rammed his bike into the back of her car and started yelling and cursing at her. The sad part is that everyone around her just sat back and watched it all go down in the comfort of their cars. No one lifted a finger.

Read the whole story [Here].

After all the incidents that are occuring lately, from the kidnapping Mark posted about 3 days ago, to the murder in Sad el Bouchrieh and clashes in Tripoli and Beirut, I think it’s time we all seriously consider keeping a gun or a weapon in our cars (and purses for women).