Picture from Lebanese Basketball FB Page

After a shocking defeat in their opening game against Taiwan B at the William Jones Cup, the Lebanese Basketball Team defeated Japan and Taiwan A to clinch the second spot. Their next game will be the toughest one against the South Korean team. There are a lot of talented players in the team, so let’s hope they do well and get ready for the upcoming FIBA Asian Championship in August.

Here’s the full list of players in the National Team [Source]:
4 Jean Abdel Nour 198-G/F-83 Al Riyadi
5 Mohammed Ibrahim 196-G-83 Sagesse
6 Ali Mahmoud 184-G-83 Al Riyadi
7 Cheikh Hussein El Khatib 186-PG-86 Champville
8 Bachir Ammouri 201-F/C-83 Moutahed
9 Elie Estephane 193-G-86 Sagesse
10 Ali Haidar 201-F-90 Al Riyadi
11 Rodrigue Akl 187-PG-88 Sagesse
12 Ali Kanaan 207-C/F-85 Champville
13 Amir Saoud 187-G-91 Al Riyadi
14 Loren Woods 218-C-78 Al Riyadi
15 Fadi Khatib 199-F-79 Champville


As you can see from the list and picture above, American Player Loren Woods was given the Lebanese Nationality. As for Lebanese-Australian Basketball player Julian Khazzouh, he has not agreed to join the team and the Lebanese Federation is still considering banning him for 3 years, which I still think is a wrong decision.

On a last note, I still have idea what happened to the warning that Lebanon received from the FIBA and whether we decided to continue the league or not yet for this year.