Lifehaus is the first low cost fully self-sufficient project in the Middle East that is designed to lower the carbon footprint ​using upcycled, local materials and ancestral techniques. The founder and architect behind LifeHaus is Nizar Haddad who was driven by his interest in green architecture “to develop the LIFEHAUS project which revisits and applies multiple long forgotten ancestral building methods, employing the knowledge of masters to produce the most optimal, ecological, self-sufficient and economical prototype, ever devised”.

The first prototype will be built in Nizar’s land in Baskinta and will consist of a 160 m2 residential space formed of a studio with a living room, mezzanine, terrace, greenhouse and a technical room.

It’s a really interesting project and I hope it works out. It could prove to be a game-changer for Lebanese who don’t want to spend much on their mountain houses and want a self-sufficient solution.

​Check out the promotional video:

And the prototype: