There’s a good reason The Macallan is the most sought-after whisky for collectors and one of the best-selling distilleries in the world. Whether it’s its history and sense of prestige, the exceptional oak casks or the curiously small stills, The Macallan produces exceptional whisky and is the reason I fell in love with single malts. This being said, their “Make The Call” campaign, the Macallan’s first-ever global advertising campaign, can only be described as truly fitting for the brand. Themed around “bold decision making”, the campaign avoids category clichés so often seen in whisky advertising around the world and adopts a beautifully crafted visual metaphor to bring the production to life worldwide.

The Macallan brand is all about taking bold decisions, about going beyond what’s normal; what’s routine, while respecting the foundational Six Pillars and celebrating decades of craftsmanships and connoisseurship. Their distinction in the distillation, their choice of wood species and the journey behind each of their carefully selected casks, their unmatched excellence in setting the flavor standard and their rich history speak volumes of this brand. Add to that merging tradition with innovation which is illustrated in the decision to building a distillery and visitor experience under one roof, and in the making of The Macallan M Black Decanter which pushed the boundaries of what was possible with both crystal and traditional decanters to create something truly exceptional,

This new campaign wants us explore stories those who have seen the risk and still made the call, who aren’t afraid to choose a bigger life, and be inspired. There are times when the choice to do things differently is where the real, deep value lies, even when this deviation goes against conventional thinking.

Enjoy and Sláinte!