The 113 points that Mouttahed basketball player Mohammad el-Akkari scored against Bejje will probably never make it to the Guinness book of records or any sport record, because the whole game was a scam. As you can read from this article, and from what I heard about the game, El-Akkari was simply standing on the 3-point line and his teammates kept passing him the ball while the Bejjeh players were standing still.

Added to that, the reason Bejjeh key players did not participate in the game is because they haven’t been paid for the past three months if not more. In such cases, the team should withdraw from the game not let in a bunch of inexperienced kids.

The funny part is that no one has a footage of that game, so we can’t even prove that he scored them and even LBCI was not there to film the game as it was an unimportant one. Let’s just hope this game won’t reflect negatively on our league.