10906071_830555203677363_327811473501513724_n Syrian boy died from the cold in a refugee camp in Lebanon

Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are facing a merciless winter and children are dying of cold inside camps. Many refugees don’t have the adequate clothing for this freezing weather and some were seen wearing flip flops only. In order to contain this crisis, a lot of NGOs are launching initiatives to collect clothes and donations to keep the refugees warm.

Meanwhile, Myriam Klink also decided to show her solidarity with those poor children freezing to death by posing in a bikini in the snow, an idea inspired from the Ice Bucket challenge that trended few months back. Of course it all makes sense (at least in Klink’s mind) and I would propose that she uses the hashtag #StripForZenaWhilePoorKidsDie or #FreezeToDeathInABikini to help more kids freeze to death while she collects Instagram likes.