After we got some early info of the plans and renders of the new, bigger BIEL set to open in the Tahwita region earlier this month on Gino’s Blog, I managed to get my hands on photos of the current excavations to date, and it looks like it’s coming together in time for their first phase launch in April 2018.

This is the render from earlier this month, and as you can see, the green space segment seems well underway, with the two large halls on the right side and background of the image, and the smaller halls and other sections will be in the foreground. The new BIEL will feature a whopping 12,000 SQM park with day to day activities and different attractions for professionals and families as well.

BIEL will start opening its doors this April, with the final project being delivered in 2021 with all four phases being complete. I’ve already heard some talk about events coming up there, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what and when.

Personally, I think it’s good that BIEL is moving away from the Beirut Waterfront area, which always had an access problem for guests, inadequate and expensive parking lots and the area is getting quickly overcrowded the past couple of years with many establishments opening up there. This location is also much bigger, and closer to more areas than the reclaimed plot of land next to Beirut’s Central District.

I love that it has a lot greenery around it, unlike the previous one. I’m planning to visit the site soon enough and will keep you posted.