The official results were finally published online by the Interior Ministry, they included detailed results for every districts and every polling station. The results are all in PDF formats which sucks but fortunately there are few websites that presented them in a more user-friendly matter, like [], and other blogs like [128lebanon] that analyzed the voter turnout percentages between 2009 and 2018.

Here are some of the most interesting finds:

– The turnout is 5% less than the one during the 2009 elections.
– Only 6 women were elected in 2018, vs 4 women in 2009
– The most significant improvement in voter turnout was in Baalbeck-Hermel area (+10%).
– Mohammad Raad & Nabih Berri got the highest number of votes with 43797 and 42137 respectively.
– Eddy Dermjian only got 77 votes and won. Moustafa el Husseini 256 votes and Antoine Pano with 539 votes also won.
– Sabaa party (excluding Paula Yacoubian) only managed to get 5000 votes according to this report.
– One of the running candidates somehow got 0 votes even though her and her family casted their votes.
– LADE did not issue yet an official report on the violations but they mentioned they’re in the thousands.
– Free Patriotic Movement got the highest number of seats in his bloc, followed by Future Movement and the Lebanese Forces.
– Fadi Karam got the highest number of votes in his district but failed to secure a seat because of the new electoral law.
– Future Movement lost most seats when compared to 2009. Kataeb’s blog also shrunk to 3 seats.