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Lebanese President Michel Sleiman and his wife Mrs Wafaa Sleiman were on a 2 days visit to Ghana last week.

As you can see from the article shown above, the donations that our First Lady gave were not so generous but knowing the first lady, there seems to be a missing link in that story. Why I am saying is because it is a well know fact that she is very involved in the public field in Lebanon and supports a lot of NGOs and groups, specifically those linked to children and education.

I tried to look further into the story online and I found out what Ghana’s First Lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama had donated as well and the items include:

10 bags of rice, five bags of sugar, two cans of cooking oil, four cartons of milk, two cartons of Milo, two cartons of cookies, two cartons of Golden Tree chocolate, assorted drinks and cash.

While Lebanon’s First Lady donated:

2 boxes of Milo, 4 boxes of Lactogen, and 5 packs of soft drinks.

Apparently both donations were symbolic and I think it’s normal for our First Lady not to donate more than Ghana’s First Lady for the formalities at least. I guess this settles it then.

Here’s what Ghana’s First Lady said about Wafaa Sleiman:

She described the First Lady as a “kindhearted woman who has the welfare of vulnerable children at heart,” and thanked her for the support and wished her long life on her 50th Birthday.

Picture taken from SpyGhana