For those of you who forgot, Rabih al-Ahmed is the guy who got his penis severed by his wife’s family members. He was brutally beaten up by seven men for half an hour, then dragged to the town’s square where they cut off his penis.

Now you’d think the wife would stay silent or defend her husband but instead she went on TV, surrounded by her family, and accused her husband of fabricating the story and assaulting her on several occasions. She also stated that he tricked her into believing that he’s Druze and that she wished justice would take its course.

I have to say this love story is a bit weird specially that Rabih is 20 years older than Rudeina, but there’s nothing that could possibly justify the crime the girl’s family members have committed and I truly hope that they get jailed. Unfortunately though, these religious-driven acts go unpunished most of the time in Lebanon especially when there’s apparently an MP protecting the perpetrators.