This is not the first time an explosion or any incident occurs involving foreign workers and we never hear any news about them. And the worst part is that this habit is common to all local news agencies.

This morning, a factory building collapsed in Zouk Mosbeh.

News covered it as follows:

VOL: Aluminum plant collapses in Zouk Mosbeh. According to preliminary reports, one Lebanese and two Indian nationals went missing following the incident, the VOL said. [Source]

Other Sources:
[LebanonFiles], [Naharnet]

Hours later, all the news revolve around the Lebanese worker and no mention of the other two Indian workers. They even figure out the name of the Lebanese employee but nothing concerning the Indian workers.

Hareth Abboud, a Lebanese national, was found alive under the wreckage.
The six-storey plant collapsed in which Abboud and two Indian nationals went missing. [Naharnet] [LebanonFiles]

Until now, no words or news on the two other missing workers. Last week, Sudanese workers got beaten up for no reason by the ISF and were demonstrating today, yet barely any mention in the news.

Quite sad.