It would have been better for LBCI never to have released the video of the 113 points, because we are getting laughed at all over the world now. The YouTube video has around half a million views now but has more dislikes than likes and the comments are mostly negative but also funny.

Here are few of them:

“is defense illegal in Lebanon?”
and the reply: they’re shot if they play any

” am from lithuania,here basketball is nr1 of sports… this video is not about basketball… it makes my eays hurt:(”

“anyone who dislike this.. knows how to play basketball..”

“The player had terrorist connections. You try to guard him, you get your house bombed.”

“Mohammed passes to Mohammed who passes the ball to the post player, Mohammed. Mohammed misses but his teammate, Mohammed, gets the putback!”

“Lebanese Defense apparently involves giving stern looks”

“Feels like a scene from a Sasha Boren Cohen film. R.I.P Defense”

“I thought this was a Globetrotters game.”

At this rate, Mohammad el Akkari will soon become Lebanon’s Rebecca Black. (This is me commenting)

Despite all that, it’s not too late for the FIBA to discard this game and restore some dignity into our Lebanese Basketball League.