Roqayya Monzer is yet another victim of domestic violence in Lebanon after her husband shot her dead when she asked him to divorce her. Roqayya was fed up from all the beating and asked for a divorce on several occasions according to her sister who was brave enough to come out and testify against the criminal husband. Unfortunately, the victim was pregnant.

This is not the first case of domestic violence and definitely won’t be the last, not before there’s a new law to protect women from abusive husbands, a law that would come under the penal code rather than being personal status laws. That’s what KAFA has been working on for years now and Nabih Berri has vowed to include and discuss the draft-law proposed in the next parliament session on April 3, after KAFA collected 71 signatures from MPs in favor of adopting the new law.

For those interested in knowing the remarks added by KAFA to the draft-law proposed, you can check them [Here] and follow [KAFA] for further updates on this matter.

I hope that the law will be passed quickly and put into action, so that these murderous husbands are put in jail and not freed the next day.

PS: There’s a seminar for women only that teaches them how to defend themselves against domestic abuse and crimes of rape on April 5 for those interested.