Stand-up Comedian Russell Peters is coming to Lebanon on March 24th for one night at the Platea Hall and I was checking back one of his performances when he talks about going clubbing in Lebanon. I honestly didn’t find this video funny, neither did Mark few months back, because it’s simply not what Lebanese do or sound like and I don’t know who are those four guys he went out with (If he ever did), but they sure are not Lebanese. The only thing he got right was the “habibi” thing.

– How many Lebanese do you know say “B” instead of “P”?
– Also, I’ve never heard that “Lebanese” accent he’s trying to reproduce. No one speaks like that here.
– Speaking of B018, you can’t possibly hear BOAT instead of BO18. If anything you hear B080 not BOAT!
– Moreover, B018 is not just some random club in the middle of nowhere. You can see it from the highway with all the lights and cars around it, so I don’t know how he only saw a bouncer in the middle of a parking lot (unless he went there at 9pm).
– B018 is not meant to look like a bomb shelter but a coffin and it opens up and closes during the night. How did he realize it’s a bomb shelter? What was his first hint?

The only stand-up comedian that I’ve seen and made me laugh about Lebanese is Nemr Abou Nassar. I heard there are lots of funny stand-up comedians performing at the Comedy Club in Monot but I haven’t been there yet.

For those interested in buying tickets for his show on March 24th at the Platea Hall in Maameltein, click [Here].

Is this how a bomb shelter looks like in Canada or India?