There are roughly one billion smokers in the World of which 70% think of quitting, 40% actually try to quit but ultimately only 5% succeed. This is mainly because of two reasons: will power is not strong enough to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, and that the solutions presented today such as patches, chewing gums or even hypnosis do not tackle this addiction directly. This is where “Slighter” comes in.

At CES (Consumer Electrics Show) 2019, a Lebanese startup named “Slighter” presented a cigarette lighter that offers a new method to quit. Its purpose is to learn when and how frequently you smoke, then create a personalized plan for you. At a certain point, the lighter will not work in order to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke until you gradually reach your goal.

What differentiates this new gadget from other quitting solutions is the fact that it attacks nicotine addiction using a method called Nicotine Fading. In a nutshell, it is a chemical free, non-invasive solution that gradually reduces the need to intake nicotine, thus minimizing the effects of withdrawal, finally making it easier to stop smoking all together. When put to the test, Slighter has shown a 40% reduction of the period of only three months with users reporting fewer or no side effects compared to other quitting solutions.

Now for the price, one should take into consideration its futuristic design, high-tech features and processing, all for the price of 129.99 USD. Also, if you wish to grasp the healthy benefits of quitting smoking, then money shouldn’t be an issue and this is definitely worth a shot!