The Naccache Gardens is a new cluster of restaurants, cafes and bars that recently opened in Naccache 50 meters away from Spinneys. There are currently ten outlets open there, including three Lebanese restaurants Enab, Beit Salwa & Assafir, Caribou coffee shop, Yoshii (Japanese), Smoking Bun (burger place), La Pizzaria, Sud, La Petite Table, Heights (bar) and a Mexican place called Bandidos.


I was at the opening two days ago and it’s a really cool new space. Unlike The Village Dbayyeh and Backyard in Hazmieh, you feel like each restaurant has his own space and I love the modern architecture and the alleys full of greenery and flowers all around us.

As far as outlets are concerned, I’m glad that Caribou has reopened as I used to love this coffee place back when it was open in Kaslik, and having a Smoking Bun branch in the Matn area was much-needed. As for other restaurants, Sud has a beautiful outdoor terrace that can be used during winter which is smart, and there’s a really cool bar called “Heights” that opens at 6pm and overlooks the whole venue.


I’ve already been to most of the restaurants open there but there’s La Petite Table that I haven’t tried yet, and also a place called “Assafir” which specializes in birds apparently and is worth giving a try. As for Bandidos, I’m not a big fan of Mexican food so I’m staying away from this one. There are no pubs open at Naccache Gardens.


As far as parking is concerned, there’s Valet Parking of course but you can find parking spots all around the venue. Spinneys & ABC parking lots are also nearby so you can do your shopping and walk there if you want to.

All in all, I enjoyed walking around and exploring this new space and I will definitely be back soon to review more thoroughly some of the restaurants and the venue in general. You can read more about it [here].