The Ministry of Economy has uploaded the McKinsey full report entitled “Lebanon Economic Vision” on its website. It’s a 1274 pages long report with a long and comprehensive executive summary of around 150 pages. You can download it [here].

I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but what I find weird is the timing of its publishing as Caretaker Economy Minister Raed Khoury said he won’t be publishing it before the new government is formed. In all cases, I’m pretty sure it’s an interesting read but we all know that the first condition to making any change plausible in Lebanon is getting rid of everything in power right now.

To expect the newly formed government, if ever formed, to take this document as a road map for a better country, is quite delusional to say the least. Moreover, when one cannot even handle a garbage crisis, I doubt they’ll be able to manage distribution and selling of medicinal cannabis.

On a side note, why is the minister so quiet about it? No tweets no announcements no SMSes no nothing?