Nothing summarizes what happened on August 4 better than the most recently published HRW report “They Killed us from the inside”. A 127- page report detailing the incompetence, mismanagement and negligence of the Lebanese authorities in handling tons of ammonium nitrate, as well as the failings of the Lebanese domestic investigation into the blast.

The Beirut Port Explosion:
– Killed 218 people from 14 different nationalities
– Wounded over 7,000 people out of which 1,000 are children.
– At least 150 people acquired a physical disability
– Killed three kids aged 2,3 and 15.
– Left 80,000 children without a home.
– Affected 163 public and private schools
– Rendered half of Beirut’s healthcare centers nonfunctional,

The explosion caused an estimated $3.8-4.6 billion in material damage according to the World Bank, an explosion that could have been avoided if any of those who knew (and they were many) took action.

Read the full report [here].

Evidence indicates that many of Lebanon’s senior leaders, including President Michel Aoun, then-Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, former Lebanese Army Commander, General Jean Kahwaji, former Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, former Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ghazi Zeaitar, and former Minister of Public Works and Transport, Youssef Fenianos, among others, were informed of risks posed by the ammonium nitrate and failed to take the necessary actions to protect the public.