Let’s just say that I’m glad the so-called Beirut Grand Prix, which ended up not even being a drag race, ended without any major accidents.

I was looking at videos this morning and I barely saw any safety barriers on the way. In fact, cement blocks were still on the way, the asphalt was not remade and renewed and there were even works on the track. Two cars could have crashed heavily, including the organizer, but they were lucky enough to get away safely. You can check out the video [here].

The funny and sad part is that the LBCI guy is reporting the accidents as if it’s something normal to happen and that racing in convertible super-cars is something we see every day. What’s even funnier is Al-Jadeed’s report on the event and their interviews with Myriam Klink and Rola Yammout because they are the experts in such races. Yammout showed her support of such events especially with the environmental, health and other issues we are facing in Lebanon (because super-cars burn chestnuts not gas).

In all cases, I’m glad everyone walked out safely.