I ordered an Uber for my wife yesterday to take her from work to our home in Jeita and was surprised when I got charged $13.36 only. It usually used to cost me around $17-18 but then I read on Gino’s blog that Uber has apparently dropped its prices by around 15-20% and saw the story on Uber’s blog as well.

If we look at the above prices shared by Uber, the drop is somewhere between 15% and 29%. More importantly, you can pay for as little as $3.33 (5000 LL) for an Uber ride inside Beirut, which is cheaper than paying the parking or Valet guy. In fact, I’m surprised that there are still people who would rather drive, especially inside Beirut, than order an Uber.

Uber is more convenient, cheaper and safer especially when you’re going out at night to drink or party.