There’s a very nasty virus out there that has infected more than 100,000 computers in over 100 countries. Even though the majority of attacks have targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan, everyone is at risk as some UK hospitals were hit as well. The ransomware is being described the most damaging in cyberattacks history.

How does it work?
Wanna Decryptor (also known as WannaCry), is a ransomware that locks all your files and leaves the user with only two files: instructions on what to do next and the Wanna Decryptor program itself. When you open the software, it asks you to pay $300 to decrypt your files otherwise they will be deleted.

How to protect yourself?

It’s really very simple and has to be done RIGHT AWAY!

1 – Install all your pending Windows Updates and you should be safe. This virus is really bad and Microsoft has released a patch for affected versions of Windows to close the backdoor used by WannaCry to penetrate the system.

2- Install an Anti-Virus. Even if it’s for a trial period, make sure you’re protected somehow even though I HIGHLY recommend you have a paid and effective anti-virus at all time.

Last but not least, backup all your files right away on a hard drive just to stay on the safe side.

Many thanks to my friend & security expert Ricky for the tip!